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It seems like every other week there’s a new article or social media post about the importance of letting go and moving on and how to let things go. But what does it mean to let things go? 😕

Does it feel freeing to be rid of something that no longer serves you? Or is it more difficult than it sounds? How do you know when it’s time to let go and move on from something? Are there any repercussions if you don’t let go of the past?

If you’ve ever felt like there are people, places, or things that have been holding you back from living your best life, this blog post is for you! Read on to learn why letting go is an important step toward self-love and self-acceptance. ❤️

What Is Letting Go?

When you’re ready to let go of something, you’re letting go of the idea that it has any kind of power over you. (Read that line again)

You’re being honest with yourself and your past actions and allowing them to be something they are — nothing more, nothing less. 🙅‍♀️

“When you’re letting go of something, you’re acknowledging that it’s not holding you back anymore,” says Psychology Today blogger, Dr. Nikki Goldstein. “You’re not getting rid of it, you’re ending the attachment you have to it and refocusing on yourself.”

So, what is letting go exactly? 🤔

It’s the process of releasing something that no longer serves you, whether you’ve outgrown it or don’t need it any longer. It can be difficult to let go of things that have meaning for you, but if you recognize when you’re holding on too tightly, you can begin to let go. In order to let go, you must first recognize when you’re holding on.

How to let things go

Why Is Letting Go Important?

For many people, accepting that they’ve been holding on to things that don’t serve them is a major step toward growth and self-acceptance.

People often cling to things and beliefs from their past because they feel unworthy, unsure, or insecure.

They may feel like they don’t deserve better circumstances, a better partner, or a different outcome in a certain situation. So, they try to hold on to the past in order to maintain these feelings of insecurity and worthlessness. 😔

Letting go of these unneeded things and people can help you feel more confident, secure, and free. It can also help you feel like you are living in the present moment instead of in the past and future.

Being present in the moment allows you to feel more happier and grateful for how far you’ve come in your life already. You’re able to make rational decisions using a clear mind rather than old habits and worrying about the future infiltrating your decision. 🧠

Why is It Hard to Let Go?

For many people, letting go feels like a waste of energy, money and time. After all, you’ve spent so much time and effort trying to hold on to a certain person, place, or thing, so why would you let it go? 😕

Letting go can be a scary process because you don’t want to feel like you’re “wasting” the time you’ve spent holding on to something that you no longer need. But, if you let go of unneeded things, people, and beliefs, you will be able to spend that time and energy on things that bring you more joy and satisfaction.

But how do I stop feeling like I wasted my time!? 🥲

The thing is… you didn’t waste your time. It was a lesson you needed to learn, it was something you needed to experience, it was something you needed to go through and end up on the other side of it.

Not everything in your life is going to be permanent. I know it’s hard to let something you thought was going to be permanent go, but you’ll be better and stronger for it.

How to Let Things Go

Try to remember that every experience, person, and place in your life has a purpose.

While you may have loved this person, place, or thing in the past, they are no longer serving you in the present. They may not have been the right fit for you, or you may simply have outgrown them. So, try to remember that. 🙂

This may be the hardest part of letting go. It is easy to justify staying in a situation that you know isn’t serving you.

You may feel like you’re letting someone down or that you’re not doing things right if you’re not still using the things or people. But, you must remember that the people and things in your life should be serving you, not holding you back.

It’s a tough internal process but you owe it to yourself to be happy. ❤️

Which Things Should You Cut From Your Life?

“When you are ready to let go of a relationship or aspect of your life, you need to ask yourself some tough questions,” says Dr. Goldstein. “Have you been letting it control you? Does it bring you joy? Are you letting it hold you back from other things in your life?”

Try to examine each of the relationships, aspects of your life, or things that you think you may want to cut out. ✂️

Ask yourself if you have been holding on to them because they used to bring you joy, if they have been holding you back from other things in your life, or if they simply no longer fit in with your lifestyle.

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how to let things go

Bottom line: Taking Care of Yourself is a Must!

When you know how to let things go that no longer serve you, you’re essentially freeing your time and energy so that you can focus on what brings you joy. 😃

Letting go of unneeded things and situations can help you feel lighter, freer, and more in tune with who you are as a person.

It can also help you avoid falling into the trap of getting caught up in the “pursuit of happiness”, which can be a dangerous trap. “You can’t put a price tag on happiness, but you can look for things and people that bring you joy and satisfaction,” says Dr. Goldstein. “Letting go does not have to mean losing something — it can mean finding something even better.” 😊

If you’ve ever felt like there are people, places, or things that have been holding you back from living your best life, then I hope this blog post help put some things into perspective for you. Letting go is an important step toward self-love and self-acceptance. It’s time to take that first step.

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  1. Madamme Muse says:

    I love the fact that you mentioned that sometimes we refuse to let go because we already invested so much effort and we are scared of the losses. Great reminder and very interesting!

  2. Katherine says:

    Love this post. I think not letting go of things because of the time we put into things is a huge mistake for so many people. It can be so hard to move past that but if it’s not for you it’s not for you, no matter how much time and effort you’ve already put in.

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