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Our Relationship Bundle includes both the y Relationship Planner - Platonic and My Relationship Planner - Romantic.

My Relationship Planner - PLATONIC

Strong friendships help create a sense of belonging and purpose. However, it's not always easy to gain and maintain friendships.

Ready to strengthen your friendships so that they last a lifetime? Well lucky for you, I've created the Relationship Planner to help you do just that!

It's time to develop healthy relationships!

My Relationship Planner - ROMANTIC

The Relationship Bundle is designed for you and your partner to learn more about each other and get to grips with where and how your relationship is going.

Cheers to strong relationships 🥂

Features include:

✔   Worksheets
✔   Templates
✔   30+ Pages

Relationship Bundle

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Relationship Statement, Bucketlist, Daily Manifest, Couples Trip Research, Wheel of Life - How does your partner fit?, Vision Board, Yearly Vision, Relationship Building - Shared Qualities, Relationship Values, Relationship Compatibility Part 1 & 2, My Partner's Qualities, Accountability Worksheet, How well do I know my partner? Part 1 & 2, Building a Healthy Relationship, Relationship Check-in & Notes Page

Look at all theese goodies!

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My Relationship Planner -

My Relationship Planner - 

 Relationship Worksheet x2, List of Activities, Travel Information (For all those boujee holidays), Your Perfect Day, Your Core Needs Worksheet x2, Things I want Worksheet, Journal Prompts - Friendship edition, Getting to Know Each other, Friendship Check-in, To-do List, Goal Setting Worksheet, Monthly Planner & Notes Page

Look at all theese goodies!

- Abigail Cotton

"I've already done a few sheets with my partner and it's already pretty insightful can't wait to do more."

- Helen Evadney

" I'm on a journey to bettering my friendships and this is exactly what I was looking for. Glad I found you. "


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Add to cart — $35

Add to cart — $35

Get it now for only £19!