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Firstly, let’s establish the difference between what a habit is and what a routine is. For the longest time I didn’t think there was a difference as I thought both words meant “doing the same thing over and over again without thinking about it” but I was definitely mistaken.

Habit: An action we do often in a regular and repeated way
Routine: A regular way of doing things in a particular order

To call a behaviour a habit it needs to be undeliberate action. If the behaviour requires a high degree of intentionality and effort, it’s definitely not a habit. We all possess both good and bad habits that we barely give a thought about because … well… they’re habitual. However, have you ever thought about why you may have this habit?

We consider good habits those that are beneficial to our physical and mental health. Such as waking up early and going for your daily run and writing in your gratitude journal.

We consider bad habits those that are not beneficial to our physical or mental health such as smoking or unhealthy eating. Most of our bad habits are caused by stress and boredom.

Hands up if you’ve ever got up and went to the kitchen to go get something to eat just because you were bored… I know I sure have.

Having a routine is important because it can help us cultivate positive daily habits and prioritise important practices such as self-care, exercise and maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

No matter what annoying or stressful thing happens during the day, knowing that you’ll be having your evening meal at 6pm and watching your favourite show at 7:30pm can bring real comfort to our lives.

Spongebob Squarepants Popcorn GIF

Everyone has their own special routine. You could probably list 5 things that you do every morning and evening without fail. It’s the tiny habits that we form in the course of our lives that makes us different from the people around us. These tiny habits may reveal some insights into your personality traits and how you approach life.  I’m going to list a few common habits and what it may say about your personality if you do them!

Your eating habits

Yes! The way you eat actually reveals your personality and behaviour tendencies (Who knew huh?)

Here are the personality traits Ms.Boghossain ( A behavioural food expert) marks each type of eater.

Fast Eaters – Impatient, Ambitious, goal orientated

Slow Eaters – Sad, Confident, low energy

Picky Eaters – Anxious, neurotic, detailed

If you’re someone who likes to separate different foods on your plate you’re most likely very detail-orientated and very cautious in your everyday life.

Think about the last meal you ate. What category do you fit in?

Your punctuality

Are you one of those people who say “I’m on my way” but really you’re in the shower wondering what on earth you’re going to wear. Or are you the person who doesn’t need to send the “I’m on my way” message because you’re already at the meeting point waiting for people to arrive?

(I’m defo the second one)

Does our attitude towards time and punctuality say anything about our personality? Indeed, it does.
Research suggests that punctuality is a matter of preference that’s linked to a person’s innate behaviour trait.

Often/always being punctual shows:

⭐You can organise your time
⭐You are dependable.
⭐You are a realistic thinker
⭐You have discipline

 Often/ Always not being punctual shows:

👉 You are disorganised
👉 More likely to be a daydreamer
👉 More emotionally driven

While being punctual normally implies that you have certain personality traits such as self-discipline and reliability. This doesn’t mean that people who have tendencies to be late definitely DO NOT carry these traits. However, it’s clear that your relationship with time can tell you a thing or two about who you are and what you value.

How often you use your phone

Millennials are by far one of the most active groups using mobile phones. Smartphones have provided us with the ability to access the entirety of the internet on the go at any given moment. They help connect us with friends and family from all over the world and deliver news to us at a moment’s notice. However, there are some negative side affects when it comes to excessive phone usage (just like with anything not done in moderation!)

One study looked at “The effect of iPhone separation” on the cognition, emotion, and physiology of young people who were asked to give up their phones for a little while. The participants weren’t allowed to answer their ringing phone while trying to complete a word search puzzle. The research showed that their heart rate and blood pressure increased, and the participants reported feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness.

These results show how hard millennials are finding to live their day to day lives without getting distracted by the pinging of their phones and the negative effects it has when restrictive usage is applied.

What excessive phone usage shows:
– Possible need for validation through social media
– Loneliness
– Lack of hobbies/ Interests
– Lack of emotional stability

What moderate/low phone usage shows:
– High productivity
– Organised
– Active social life (in real life)

Your spending habits

Yes my dear, how you use your coins can signal key traits about your personality. People use their money to express their individual preferences which can expose your habits.

“Your willingness to spend money seems to hinge upon one factor: how psychologically uncomfortable you feel when you have to part with your money, explains Cynthia Cryder, Associate Professor of Marketing at Washington University.

If you’re someone who has trouble spending money you’re more likely to:

✨Be an overthinker
✨Have more self-control
✨Have an issue letting go

If you’re someone that likes to splash that cash you’re more likely to be:

💰Focus more on the present

These are just a few examples of what daily habits and routines say about your personality, did you notice any that you do? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hope says:

    I can definitely be a fast eater! I know this about myself so I usually take a shower before eating dinner to slow my mind down. Especially if I’m getting home late and very hungry. I can wait a little longer so that I actually enjoy my food. Insightful post!

  2. Lexi says:

    this was a pretty interesting read! I’m curious what it says about people who are literally all the things you listed. my mood sets the tone for a lot of my activties. one meal I can eat extremely fast, but the next, slow.

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