10 Toxic Habits That Are Stealthily Draining Your Energy

Identifying Energy-Draining Toxic Habits

Have you ever felt inexplicably drained, even after a good night’s sleep? If so, your daily habits might be the culprit.

Yes, you heard right – certain toxic habits can silently suck away your energy, leaving you feeling lethargic and unproductive. 🫠

These habits, while seemingly harmless, may be silently wreaking havoc on your physical and mental well-being. In this blog post, we’ll explore these energy-draining toxic habits and provide strategies on how to break away from them.

Often, these toxic habits are so deeply ingrained in our daily routines that we fail to identify them as the root cause of our constant fatigue. 😫

From incessant worrying to unhealthy eating, these habits can slyly infiltrate our lives, causing us to lose precious energy. The first step towards regaining your vitality is identifying these habits and acknowledging the need for change.

Remember, the goal here is not to shame or blame, but to bring awareness to these habits, so we can make informed decisions about our behaviors and lifestyles. By recognising these toxic habits, we open the door to a healthier, more vibrant life. 🥰

The Silent Threat of Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is a toxic habit that can significantly drain your energy. The harmful effects of this habit are often underestimated, as it occurs within the privacy of our own minds.

Negative self-talk includes any inner dialogue that diminishes your self-worth or ability. These are the critical voices in your head that tell you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough. 😰

The energy costs of negative self-talk are immense. Every negative thought depletes your energy reserves, leaving you feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted.

What’s more, negative self-talk can rob you of your motivation, making it challenging to pursue your goals or engage in activities you enjoy. 🫠

Combatting negative self-talk requires conscious effort. It involves being aware of your inner dialogue, challenging negative thoughts, and replacing them with positive affirmations. Remember, your mind believes what you tell it. So, fill it with positive, empowering thoughts.

The Energy Costs of Procrastination

Procrastination, the act of delaying or postponing tasks, is another toxic habit that can drain your energy. The energy drain from procrastination is twofold.

Firstly, the anxiety and guilt associated with procrastination can cause mental fatigue. Secondly, the energy required to rush through tasks at the last minute can lead to physical exhaustion. 😴

Procrastination often stems from a fear of failure or a lack of motivation. It’s essential to identify the root cause of your procrastination and address it head-on.

Breaking tasks down into manageable chunks and setting realistic deadlines can help overcome this habit. Remember, productivity fuels energy. The more tasks you complete, the more energised you’ll feel. 💪

The Trap of Perfectionism

Perfectionism, or the need to be flawless in everything you do, is another toxic habit that can deplete your energy.

While striving for excellence is commendable, an unrelenting pursuit of perfection can lead to stress, burnout, and decreased productivity. The constant pressure to be perfect can leave you feeling mentally exhausted and physically drained. 😥

The key to overcoming perfectionism lies in embracing imperfection.

Realise that it’s okay to make mistakes and that no one is perfect. NO ONE. Even if they’re life seems perfect from the outside, it never is. Learn to appreciate your efforts and stop comparing your progress with others. Remember, progress, not perfection, is the goal. 😉

The Harm Caused by Excessive Worrying

While it’s natural to worry about life’s uncertainties, constant worrying can lead to anxiety and stress, which are significant energy zappers.

Additionally, worrying can disrupt your sleep, further depleting your energy reserves. 😴

To combat excessive worrying, try practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. These practices can help calm your mind and reduce your stress levels, thereby conserving your energy.

You can learn more about mindfulness and meditation in The Keys to Self-Mastery eBook

toxic habits

The Cost of Holding onto Grudges

Holding onto grudges is another toxic habit that can drain your energy and time. Harbouring resentment or anger towards others can lead to emotional exhaustion. Also, it can rob you of your peace of mind and happiness, leaving you feeling drained. 😒

To break free from this habit, practice forgiveness and let go of past hurts. Remember, holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. By forgiving others, you free yourself from the burden of resentment, thereby conserving your energy.

You don’t need to continue to talk to them or have them in your life if it’s going to affect your peace. Leave them where they are and move on. 🚶‍♀️

The Burden of Not Setting Boundaries

Not setting boundaries is another toxic habit that can drain your energy. Without boundaries, you can easily become overwhelmed with responsibilities and commitments, leading to burnout.

Moreover, allowing others to overstep your boundaries can lead to feelings of resentment and frustration, further draining your energy and time. 😑

To establish healthy boundaries, learn to say no when necessary and prioritize your needs. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

By setting boundaries, you protect your energy and ensure that you have enough left to take care of yourself. 🥰

The Price of Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy eating habits are another major drain on your energy. Consuming processed foods, sugary snacks, and caffeinated beverages can give you a quick energy boost, but they often lead to an energy crash later. 😴

These foods lack the essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally, leading to fatigue and lethargy.

To boost your energy levels, focus on consuming nutrient-dense foods that provide sustained energy, like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. 🥗

Remember, your diet is a crucial part of your energy equation. By making healthier food choices, you can significantly increase your energy levels.

The Impact of Lack of Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity is another toxic habit that can make you feel like bluh. Regular exercise boosts your energy levels by increasing your heart rate and circulation, improving your sleep, and reducing your stress levels. 😌

On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to fatigue, poor sleep, and decreased motivation.

To increase your energy levels, incorporate regular physical activity into your routine. This could be anything from a brisk walk to a high-intensity workout. Remember, movement is energy. 🤸‍♀️

The more active you are, the more energised you’ll feel. So make it a habit to get up and move daily!

Strategies for Breaking Away from Toxic Habits

Breaking away from toxic habits can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The first step is to identify the habits that are draining your energy.

Once you’ve identified these habits, you can start working on strategies to overcome them. These strategies can include practicing positive self-talk, setting realistic goals, learning to manage stress, practicing forgiveness, setting healthy boundaries, maintaining a balanced diet, and incorporating regular physical activity into your routine. 🥰

P.S. You can find worksheets to help you with all of the above in my Etsy Store and the Printables on my site.

Remember, breaking away from toxic habits is a journey, not a destination. It requires patience, perseverance, and commitment. But the rewards are well worth the effort.

By freeing yourself from these energy-draining habits, you open the door to a healthier, more invigorated life. 🥹

Conclusion: Embracing Positive Habits for an Energy-Full Life

In conclusion, we all have toxic habits that can drain our energy. However, by identifying these habits and working on strategies to overcome them, we can break free from their hold and reclaim our energy.

Remember, the goal is not to be perfect, but to be better. Every small step you take towards breaking these habits counts. So, start today, and embrace the journey towards an energy-full life. ❤️

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How to find and live your purpose in life

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose”

Robin Sharma

Everyone has their own definition of what success is. Some people measure their success by the amount of money in their bank account, the power they have attained or the status they’ve achieved in society. Yet they still feel like something greater is missing in their life but have no clue how to figure out what it is or where to start.

Knowing your purpose is knowing the master plan for your life. Does that sound scary to you? Because I can definitely understand the overwhelm that would bring to anyone that has NO CLUE about what they want to do or where to even start. So don’t be overwhelmed if you have no clue what it is, A LOT of people don’t. There are people in their fifties and sixties that still don’t know what fulfills them. There is no time limit, however, the sooner you get on your road to self-discovery the better.

Our purpose emerges from the exploration of what we value most. When we start defining our purpose in life it’s best not to focus on how we’re going to attain it. When we identify and commit to our intentions the opportunities for achieving our purpose will start to arise. Defining our purpose helps us define our goals and allows us to focus on what’s truly important to us. Because if you don’t know what you want to achieve how can you set goals that are going to get you anywhere?

It’s the equivalent of getting into a car and just driving without having a destination. You’ll end up somewhere but you’ll get out of the car looking lost and confused because you have no clue how you got there and where you should go next.

I know that people push the “Just go, don’t dwell on things for too long and just live your life” which I personally partially agree with, but the organised and having a plan together a part of me shivers at the thought of just doing things without a well thought out plan.

The truth is, to succeed in this life you need to be a bit of both. You need to experiment, take risks ad see how far you can push yourself. At the same time, you need to be intentional with your time and ask yourself, where is this going to take me? Is this what I really want?. Taking action is amazing, it’s what I urge you to do but take action based on a plan that’s going to create the life that you want to live.

What is the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary? The answer to that is dependent on the importance you hold to the opinions of the outside world and what you want to achieve. The outside world doesn’t get to define who you are or what you are. The answer lies within you. We can all choose to step away from the ordinary path that our society promotes and step into an extraordinary life.

An extraordinary life is a choice to follow our own values, our own inner wisdom, our own intuition and to top it off, your very own version of success.

“My invitation to you is to begin living every moment as though you are miraculous and deserve to live an extraordinary life. Fake it if you must and keep faking it until it’s real to you. The gift you will be giving yourself is a lifelong journey of discovery, one that is infinite and infinitely rewarding. Begin the journey. Today. This moment. Now.

Robert White

What do you think it looks like to live a false life?

Here’s an example:

You’re forced into going to university to study to become a lawyer because your parents would love to boast about having a lawyer in the family and they know you can make a substantial amount of money with this career choice. However your dream is to become a chef, but you’re scared to disappoint your parents so you decide to live the life they think you should live to avoid arguments and making them unhappy.

Your best friend detests your partner of choice and convinces you to leave them in which you end up with a partner who everyone likes but they don’t fulfill you the same way and feel pressured to start a family that you don’t know if you want.

You end up in debt, depressed, unfulfilled and full of self-doubt. Does this sound like the life of someone who was able to plan and create the life that they wanted to live? Absolutely not. This is the life of allowing outside influences to determine how you should live based on their own opinions and values despite you not feeling the same.

This isn’t the type of life that anyone should live. Yet there are people who both willingly and unwillingly choose to live their life based on the opinions of other people and the preferences of society either because they are unaware of what they truly want or they’re scared to go against the grain.

“ You won’t be fulfilled if you don’t have children”
“ You won’t be fulfilled if you don’t get married”
“ You won’t be fulfilled if you don’t make X amount of money”

These are common misconceptions we may get told in our lives. No one should make you feel bad for not doing something that they think will fulfill YOUR LIFE. Seeking third-party approval and people-pleasing is one of the main causes of internal conflict, depression and stress.

What gives you purpose is personal to you. Our purpose in life is the intended result of our determination, intention and focus.

To find your purpose you need to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Listen to your inner core, write down all the things you want, all the things you want to change about your current situation and what your ideal life looks like. Only then can we figure out an action plan on how to move forward.

When you understand your values and know what you believe in, your confidence and sense of self-worth skyrockets. When you know what you want to achieve and you have a plan of action for it, nothing and no one should be able to stop you.

What are your core values?

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are” – Roy Disney
Your core values reflect the fundamental choices of who you want to be. Having well-defined core values helps us avoid making choices that work against who we want to be.

When we understand our core values the process of our decision-making improves, and our lives become a lot easier when we live according to ALL our core values not just some of them. A life lived in alignment with all your core values results in balance and harmony. (Ahh bliss)

Finding your purpose isn’t something that happens overnight, and it can be challenging to live a life of purpose, but living your life on your own terms and fulfilling your own goals will be the most rewarding and most fulfilling thing you will ever do.

Here are a few ways to get you started on the right track to find your purpose:

1. Live in integrity with your core values

If you want to know what’s going to make you feel alive with energy every morning you need to know what you stand for. The best way to get to know what you stand for is to get clarity on what you value. What’s important to you? What do you truly care about? Self-awareness is key. Check out my eBook The Keys to Self-mastery where I dive deep into self-awareness and how it’s the first step to becoming a true master of yourself.

2. Live in the moment

While you’re working on finding your purpose don’t forget to live in the moment. Cherish every moment and seek to live life without any regrets. You don’t want these years to fly by and feel bad when you’re older that you didn’t take in the moments you should have. When you’re cutting fruit to put in your smoothie, be in the moment. When you’re at the supermarket looking for flowers to buy to cheer up the room, be in the moment. When you set up a candle-lit bubble bath for yourself, be in the moment. Don’t take these small moments for granted.

3. Avoid the need for validation

A lot of people fear living up to their full potential because of judgment and the fear of being rejected by others. The only real validation worth pursuing is the validation of yourself.

Allow time to transform your dreams into reality without involving a lot of people on the journey if you fear that you don’t have a lot of supportive people around you.

Heather’s top tip: Although it’s good to get inspired by others remember that what works for others might not work for you. Only you know exactly how you truly feel and what you want and even if you do try to imitate someone else’s journey/strategies there’s no guarantee that you’ll end up where they are. Focus on crafting your own journey rather than watching someone else because I guarantee you, they are not showing you the whole thing.

4. Acknowledge your strengths and use them

Focus on developing your strengths and learn to utilise them efficiently in a range of situations. Your strengths are the abilities, knowledge, personal attributes and skills you already have. However, to actually call it a strength you’ve got to be pretty damn good at it. Once you know what your strengths are look for ways and opportunities to use those abilities and qualities.

Want to learn more about core values and how to live with purpose?

Well, you’re in luck my love.

INTRODUCING… How To Live With Purpose mini-course

Learning how to live with purpose is the beginning of your life’s roadmap. When you don’t know where you are going you can end up in any direction and get lost in the land of “I don’t know who I am!”. What happens when you get lost? You get frustrated, overwhelmed and confused. This FREE mini-course will give you all the basics you need to start you on the path that leads you to the life that you want to live.

It’s waiting for you!

Course format: I’m going to take you on a four-week length mini-course that emphasizes on taking daily action on how to live with purpose. There are 4 modules within the mini-course with each module having its own set of training videos and resources.

You will focus on: Your WHY, What success means to you, Your personal core values, your passion Vs. Purpose + Plenty more.
What you will learn: How to map out your ideal life, How to incorporate living out your passions as well as your purpose in your daily life.
This is for you if: You crave meaning and fulfillment, you’re unsure of how to connect the dots between your dreams and reality, you’re ready to level up in your life, You’re frustrated because your lack of direction is holding you back from what you know you are capable of.
What you get inside: Exclusive resources, checklist, personal development challenge, value-packed short videos

Your joy is your responsibility and your responsibility alone. 

Don’t waste any more time just stumbling through life. Take charge and figure out what your ideal life looks like and work towards it with an awesome action plan.

Remember to check out The keys to self-mastery eBook if you want a step by step plan on how to become a true master of yourself so that you can shop up every day with the discipline and confidence to get what you want out of your life Get the full rundown here > The keys to self-mastery eBook

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