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Does this currently sound like you? ☹️

Yes!? well then it’s time to start making your health a priority and create a plan to save yourself from burnout before it completely takes over your personal and professional life.

Patching over the cracks is not a viable solution, it’s time to treat the cause and not the symptom.

Burnouts are a result of a discrepancy between your input and output. For example, sometimes, you may feel that you’re putting a lot of work, heart, and soul into a project but not getting the desired results. The usual answer to this is to work even harder instead of stepping back and figuring out a way to work smarter. 🧠

Some warning signs of burnout that you must watch out for are stressful personal relationships, health issues such as back pain, hypertension, obesity, cognitive difficulties, fatigue, negative feelings and emotions, lost motivation to work, etc.

Research has proven that certain medical conditions like hypertension, coronary artery disease, and sleep disturbances can stem from extreme forms of burnout.

It’s a “No” from me 🙅‍♀️

save yourself from burnout

Your stress can bleed into every task that you perform and deteriorate your personal relationships. So if you’re wondering how to stop yourself from burning out, we’ve got you covered! Read on to explore the top 10 tips to save yourself from burnout!

1.    Disconnect from the World

This is one of the most important tips to save yourself from a much-dreaded burnout and its aftermath. To altogether leave your work behind and give yourself time to rejuvenate, you need to electronically disconnect from the outside world.

It’s all about you. 💆

Give yourself time to heal from the fatigue you’ve experienced all week at work. Make it a habit to designate a specific time of your day to answer emails and other important notifications. This will help you to manage your career better in the long run.

2.    Listen to Your Body

You may think that the constant headache you’ve been experiencing is merely a result of dehydration or that the pain in your neck is due to a bad sleeping posture.

But, these constant pains and aches could be your body’s sign of telling you how stressed it is feeling. Burnout can lead to several clinical manifestations due to stress accumulation. Therefore, it is crucial that you listen to your body’s signals and beat the burnout!

Don’t put off taking care of your body or your body will force you to take days off. 🙃

3.    Time to Relax

Just like you plan your work schedule, you need to schedule your time to relax as well. To nip the dreadful burnout right in the bud, you need to spare some time from your daily schedule to relax.

Taking out just 30 minutes from your hectic work schedule to read a book, dance, and go for a jog or a walk could do the trick! A good thing about sliding in time to relax in your work schedule is that it gives you something to look forward to!

Want to learn how to prioritise your goals and become a master of routine? Check out the How to set goals and achieve them mini-course!

4.    Find Your Support System

Withdrawing from people and going into your own shell might seem like a tempting offer when you’re stressed. However, your closest friends and family members can be your allies in your battle against burnout.

Spending valuable time with friends and family who love and adore you will help alleviate your stress and help you create beautiful memories in life. If you’re unsure about how to deal with the current issues in your life, talking it out with your support system always helps! 👪

Involving your loved ones in finding a solution to your problems can make you feel supported. It can also help you gain more clarity on the ongoing issues in your life and arrive at a solution much more quickly.

5.    Find the Source of Your Burnout

You might feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of burnout if you can’t find the source of it. Exploring the factors in your life that contribute to your daily stress is an important strategy for tackling it.

Most people believe that professional and work-related triggers are the prime reasons behind burnout. However, it could also result from:

  • A demanding academic schedule.
  • Personal relationship problems where you can’t figure out a solution that works for both parties.
  • Taking care of a loved one suffering from a severe medical condition.

Overloading yourself with too many expectations creates an environment where burnout can fester. Ultimately, you reach your breaking point after trying to do way too much on your own, and that’s exactly when burnout occurs! 😬

The stress that accompanies a single problem is often manageable for most. However, the stress of dealing with multiple out-of-control problems simultaneously overwhelms us.

6.    Take a Look at Your Options

Finding a solution to burnout isn’t as straightforward and easy as it may seem. The road to recovery post a stressful breakdown may not be an easy path. However, looking at the options available can guide you through your recovery.

For example, if you’re dealing with a stressful work environment where a boss keeps pestering you with work and doesn’t recognise your efforts, then finding a new job can be the first step towards improving your mental health. 💼

If you don’t want to leave your current job for financial or any other reasons, you can always talk to the HR department and find a solution.

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save yourself from burnout

7.    Set Healthy Boundaries

To manage your stress efficiently and do what’s right for you, you must set healthy boundaries. For example, if you’re constantly getting too many invitations for new projects, you can take the following measures:

  • Hit the pause button.
  • Take a moment to breathe and comb through all the information you’ve received.
  • Ask yourself whether you have the energy and time to give your 100% to this project.
  • Ask yourself the value this new project will bring to your life.

Always think about how your “yes” to somebody else’s request is going to affect your life and your workload.

8.    Do What Makes You Happy

One of the most vital tips to save yourself from burnout is to do what makes you happy. When you feel drained and overwhelmed with feelings of anger for a job/business you once loved, it’s a good idea to circle back in life and spend some time doing what you love the most. 💕

Take a pen and paper and jot down your favorite hobbies. Then, reconcile with lost best friends or go out for a hearty dinner with friends and family.

Apologise to your loved ones for snapping at them while you were stressed and engage in some calming activities such as yoga.

save yourself from burnout

9.    Self-Compassion Can Go a Long Way

Burnout can lead to piling up feelings of failure in your life. You might start believing that you’re incapable of achieving your dreams and will never succeed in life.

This is because you’ve pushed yourself above and beyond what you’re realistically capable of. In times like this, it is essential to remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect!

So what if you can’t complete 5 projects at once or can’t top your college exams? Who can do it all, really?

Ultimately, what matters is that you gave your best shot, and you must give yourself a good pat on the back for it because you deserve it. 🙂

10.    Take the Help of a Therapist

If you feel that you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown and that the burnout you’re feeling in your daily life is impacting your relationships negatively, then it’s best to talk to a therapist.

With professional guidance to navigate your life in the right direction, you can get over your feelings of depression, hopelessness, and dissatisfaction.

Choosing to address your burnout is the first step toward your journey to recovery. A professional therapist can guide you through the rest of it.

There’s no shame in asking for help.

Final Thoughts – Tips to save yourself from burnout

If you’ve been feeling that your daily job or academics are taking a toll on your mental health, then it’s time for you to take a much-needed break.

The above-mentioned tips to save yourself from burnout can be your knight in shining armour in times of stress! So, keep them handy and remember always to keep your mental health ahead of everything else in life!

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save yourself your burnout

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